Maybe you have a favorite pair of road cycling shoes that you want to use for an indoor cycling class or prefer the fit and feel of 3-hole cleat compatible shoes but want the functionality of 2-hole SPD cleats. Maybe you simply want one pair of shoes that will work with both 2 and 3-bolt cleat types. Whatever the case, Shimano SM-SH41 SPD Cleat Adapters allow you to make the conversion quickly and easily from 3-hole to 2-hole cleats so you can do it all.



  • Shimano SM-SH41 SPD Cleat Adapters allow you to convert your SPD-SL3-hole cleat compatible shoes for use with SPD 2-hole cleats and pedals
  • Maximize Output: Shimano’s SM-SH41 SPD Cleat Adapters allow you to use your light and efficient road shoes for indoor cycling classes, which typically require SPD 2-hole cleats
  • Extra Security: Grippy rubber on either side of the recessed cleat prevents slipping and protects floors from scuffs and scrapes
  • Easy Install: Cleat adapter kit includes all the hardware and has minimal adjustment range so you can quickly and confidently make the switch
  • Purpose Built: Adapters are specifically made to seamlessly interface with Shimano SPD 2-hole cleats, providing a reliably accurate fit for optimal performance