We service
all bikes.

We service all makes, models and brands. 

General Service Pricing

Contact us for other price inquiries.


CAD $155

Bike Wash

CAD $65

True Wheel

CAD $35

Spoke Install

CAD $50

Shift Adjustment

CAD $35 each

Brake Adjustment

CAD $35 each

Brake Bleed

CAD $75 each

Bar Tape Install

CAD $35

Bike Build (Hydraulic)

CAD $550

Bike Build (Mechanical)

CAD $450


How do I book an appointment for bicycle service?

Use the booking form below to schedule your bicycle tune-up, maintenance, and service. 

  • Pick an available day slot to drop your bike.

  • Select an available appointment time (but you can drop your bike at any time from 10:15am - 3:00pm, on Saturdays from 11:15am - 3:00pm).

  • You are welcome to drop your bike before your scheduled date and we will service it ahead of schedule if time allows.

  • Multiple bikes? Book one appointment per bike.

  • Please call us at (416) 787-5463 if you are on a specific timeline or have an emergency.

What does a general tune-up consist of?

A general tune-up includes:

  • A full bike inspection.

  • Checking for brake pad and chain wear, as well as condition of tires and bearings.

  • Brake and shift adjustments.

  • Alignment of the derailleur hanger.

  • True wheels.

  • Pump up tires.

  • Wipe down the bike.

How long does it take to get my bike back?

Our turnaround time for a tune-up is generally 2 working days. Our lead times can vary depending on the time of year but we'll give you an accurate timeline when booking your appointment. We will call you the moment your bike is ready for pick up.

Can I book a same day service?

Yes. Call us and we'll schedule a day where you can get same day service. Please note this is dependent on capacity.

Do you offer bike fits?

Yes, we do! Call us to schedule an appointment with our fitter. A bike fit is $250. It is also included with every new bike purchase.

Booking Form:

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  • Address
    1924 Avenue Rd, North York, ON M5M 4A1
  • Contact
    +1 (416) 787-5463 (KIND)
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