27.2mm x 15mm Setback x 400mm

The WCS Carbon LINK FlexLogic post brings more compliance, increased versatility, and a lighter weight to the legendary Ritchey Two-Bolt seatpost system design. This post has a 15mm offset, and the patented LINK clamp is reversible and fits all standard saddle rail designs. The carbon layup used for the Carbon LINK FlexLogic was originally developed for top-level Pro Tour teams and is 15% more vertically compliant than other layups, with no loss of lateral or torsional stiffness – perfect for racing in the Alps during the Tour de France or riding along your local gravel roads.



  • Material carbon fiber
  • Diameter 27.2, 30.9, 31.6mm
  • Total length 300, 350, 400mm (including 100mm of minimum insert)
  • Offset 15mm
  • Saddle clamp standard rails
  • Saddle clamp torque 15Nm (max)
  • Seat collar torque 6Nm (max) / 7Nm (max) for Ritchey steel frames
  • Weight 195g (27.2x350mm)
  • Color matte UD carbon finish