• Proven racing tire contour for responsive handling and secure grip.
  • Race: Performance in tours and competitions. This all-rounder is ready for every challenge, even the biggest ones.
  • Handmade for You.
PureGrip Compound is derived from an activated Silica compound and is a good example of how Continental integrate customer feedback continuously into their research and development. This mixture technology fits in perfectly alongside the BlackChili Compound. The name PureGrip does exactly what it says; exceptionally good grip and durability are the distinguishing features of this compound.

The Nytech Breaker is based on the technology of Continental’s SafetySystem ­puncture protection. Made of nylon fibre and similar to Kevlar, it reliably protects against punctures and cuts. It also has particularly low rolling resistance and reduced weight, perfect for the performance range of road tires.