We help you enjoy life and perform at your best.

Too many of us are "surviving" life when we should be "thriving".

Our methods will help you get more enjoyment and performance in everyday life and sport.

summary of OUR coaching PROGRAMS

The foundation of our program uses sport psychology and behaviour science.

  • Why. We help your clarify your aspirations and what drives you.

  • Focus Mapping and SMART Goals. We get you to focus by asking two question, (1) will it work, (2) can you do it.

  • Tiny Habits : We make it easy for you to get behaviours to stick.

Some other tricks we use.

  • HRV. Heart Rate Variability is the number one method to track fitness and wellbeing.

  • XERT. A training platform for cyclists that tells you when to train, what to train, and how hard to train.

  • Survive vs Thrive : How to maximize performance under pressure and stress.

  • Breathing Workshop : How to the power of your breath to reduce stress and improve athletic performance.

  • Visualization Workshop : Leverage the power of your mind to increase performance at work, at home, and in sport.

How we work.

  • One on One Coaching.

  • Small Group Coaching.

  • Workshops, Events, Speaking.


"Gavin is excellent at coaching BOTH:

  • The big picture. The deep and emotional stuff. The intangible. The dreams. The stuckness.

  • The pragmatic and tiny ways to make the intangible goals and ideals happen.

Phenomenal combination" - from a KindHuman coaching client.

This one-on-one clinic is a condensed version of our 6-Week Performance Coaching Package. We start with your aspirations and get alignment on what you want to achieve during our time together. We help you take action and get it done!

60 minutes one-on-one coaching session delivered using Zoom or your preferred virtual meeting platform.


Over 6 weeks will help you get clear on your aspirations and take action towards fast results. We help you achieve long-term performance upgrades for a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

We'll meet one-on-one every other week for 60 minutes on Zoom with email, text, and phone support between sessions.



Gavin is the Co-Founder, CEO of KindHuman, and a Performance Coach. 

He earned a Master’s Degree in Business from the Rotman School of Management and a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology and Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. 

He is a Tiny Habits Certified coach where he studied under BJ Fogg, Director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. 

On top of that, and following with the KindHuman ethos, Gavin is super passionate about helping people enjoy life and perform at their best.

Email gavin@kindhuman.cc to get started.

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We serve people who want to lead an active lifestyle.

Our customer want to enjoy life and perform at their best. 

Email gavin@kindhuman.cc to get started.