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Our mission is to help people enjoy life and perform at their best.

We're Canadian and all about cycling done right for you.

We also make bikes, damn good bikes.

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Why do people love our bikes?
Our customers want to have fun and they want to perform at their best.
That's why everything we do is centred around you.
At KindHuman, we design our bikes for humans.
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What Our Customers Say

"I was blown away"

“I can't say enough positive things about my experience with KindHuman. I was blown away by the care and attention to detail shown. They genuinely wanted to educate me about my purchase. First class service, first class ethos and first class products they sell. Bigger name cycle companies seem to cut corners, cut componentry and frame quality while seeking to bump up the bottom line. KindHuman are the opposite. Better still, they genuinely care about the sport of cycling.”

-Gav McMahon

"Super Impressed"

“I have ridden so many frames over the last 5 years of racing I have lost count, the Kampionne is truly one to remember. During crits handling is everything and that is one thing the Kampionne performs well at. If you want a bike that can rail a corner at 35 mph and know it can hold a line, then the Kampionne is for you. I have been super impressed from the day I opened the box and I continue to look forward to everyday I get to ride this beast.”

-Dillon Fowler

"The Best I have Seen"

“I have to say that I continue to be pleased with this bike three years later, and 15,000 miles later. I have used the bike to race cyclocross, training rides, club rides, endurance gravel rides, gravel races, and even century road rides. The bike just does everything well. The quality of the bike is on par with any high end carbon bike. The customer service at KindHuman is possibly the best I have seen in the industry. I get responses quickly and the team at KH is very knowledgeable and friendly.”

-Tim Gagne

KindHuman Bicycles

1924 Avenue Road
Toronto, Canada

Tue - Fri, 11:00am - 5:00pm
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Sun - Mon, Closed

+1 (416) 787-5463 (KIND)

+1 (855) 922-5463 (KIND)


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