The new KindHuman Vegan-Friendly Gloves are an animal friendly synthetic option for the stylish cyclist. We spent months finding a synthetic polyurethane material what was supple, soft and breathable for superior comfort, performance and protection. Much like its predecessor, the Vegan-Friendly options shares the same improved fit and durability thanks to it’s double-stitching in high-wear areas. Our Vegan-Friendly Gloves feature lightly padded palms to increase comfort yet it retains a great bar feel. It features finger pulls on the middle and ring fingers for improved removal on and off the bike. Designed with a traditional open back construction for even more breathability and wicked cool tan lines to show off to your riding buddies.

While it is possible to machine wash our Vegan-Friendly gloves, we recommend using a laundry bag to preserve the velcro on the straps. It also prevents the velcro from damaging other articles of clothing. If you do not have a laundry bag, simply hand wash using lukewarm water and a mild, colorless detergent. Give the gloves a good rinse and ensure that all excess water is squeezed out before hang drying them overnight.

Never dry clean, bleach or tumble dry as these methods can damage the gloves materials.