KindHuman Genuine Leather Glove
KindHuman Genuine Leather Glove
KindHuman Genuine Leather Glove

KindHuman Genuine Leather Glove

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The new KindHuman Genuine Leather Gloves are the perfect choice for the stylish cyclist. We start with a super supple, soft and breathable leather for the closest to bare-hand touch and feel complemented with superior comfort, performance and protection. In it’s third iteration, we’ve improved the fit of the glove as well as the durability by adding double-stitching in high-wear areas. Our Genuine Leather Gloves feature lightly padded palms to increase comfort yet it retains a great bar feel. It features finger pulls on the middle and ring fingers for improved removal on and off the bike. Designed with a traditional open back construction for even more breathability and wicked cool tan lines to show off to your riding buddies.


These gloves look and feel better as they wear, and over time will meld to the shape of it’s riders hands for a truly unique piece of kit that only gets better as it ages.


• Avoid getting your KindHuman Leather gloves overly wet 
• Store them in a cool, dry place preferably out of the sunlight 
• After removal, turn them inside out and reshape them (this allows the damper inner glove to dry better)


• Use lukewarm water and mild, colorless detergent, work up a good lather, wash as normal while wearing them 
• Remove gloves and rinse ensuring that all excess water is squeezed out 
• Re-shape and hang away from sunlight 
• While still damp, place the gloves on your hands and lightly massage a small amount of leather treatment into the gloves (we recommend Leather Honey Leather Conditioner but most bands will do) 
• Never dry clean, bleach or tumble dry as these methods will remove essential oils from the natural leather



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