Kensuke 2.0 Gravel Bike
Kensuke 2.0 Gravel Bike
Kensuke 2.0 Gravel Bike
Kensuke 2.0 Gravel Bike


The Kensuke gravel bike is utilitarian by design, versatile by nature and backed by performance. To the age old question, "Where am I going to ride today?" we answer confidently, "Anywhere." This bike is perfectly capable on dirt trails, gravel roads, and well-suited for Endurance Road riding. Throw some bags on it, and it’s a performance-minded touring rig ready to bikepack it’s way through your next trip. The Kensuke is the bike for you if you're looking to go anywhere, fast.



Price as configured:


Custom building your bike takes about 5 business days. Delays can happen due to unavailable parts. Please call us at (416) 787-5463 if you are on a specific timeline.

The videos above show our first generation Kensuke. 

They speak to ethos of our Kensuke platform and it's meaningful history.


"My Kensuke is fast and comfortable over asphalt, dirt, gravel, whatever. The wide tires just eat up the gravel and country roads that I love. The guys at KH have been excellent in helping me understand the options, getting my bike built and fit, and making the odd adjustment as necessary. Sweet ride, great service!"

- Jose

"It’s so gorgeous to ride and is the most beautiful bike I’ve ever owned. It’s like going from driving a Fiat to driving a Ferrari. I had to brag about it and I received four texts within the next two hours of my first Strava pic. You guys are the best, thank you!!"

- Shelley



  • 5'4" to 5'8"

  • 163cm - 173cm 


  • 5'7" to 6'0"

  • 170cm - 182cm 


  • 5'11" to 6'2"

  • 180cm - 188cm 


  • 6'1" to 6'5"

  • 185cm - 196cm 


  • High-Modulus carbon fibre.

  • Tapered head-tube features oversized bottom bearing for handling precision.

  • Perfectly suitable for 28c road tires and up to 50c gravel tires for a true all-road experience.

  • Fender and rack mounts and a third bottle cage under the down-tube. Plus top tube mounts for your bento box.

KEY benefits

  • A versatile gravel and all-road bike to help you anywhere, fast.

  • Geometry designed for all day comfort and performance.

  • Adaptable for lightweight bikepacking and touring.

  • Excels on dirt, gravel, and rough roads everywhere.


  • High-Modulus carbon fibre.

  • Internally routed for Di2, EPS or mechanical cables.

  • Flat mount disc brakes with 12mm through axles.
  • Fender, rack, and top tube mounts.
  • Third bottle cage mount under the downtube.
  • Chainstay protector.
  • 27.2mm seatpost size.
  • Threaded BSA bottom bracket.
  • Fits 700 x 50c or 27.5 x 2.0" tire sizes.
    (Varies on make, model of tire, and internal rim width.)
  • Weight : 990g (size M).


Top Tube525545564583
Seat Tube510550570600
Chain Stay420420420420
Wheel Base1002101210321053
BB Drop75757575
Head Tube137157170197
Head Angle70717171
Seat Tube Angle73.573.573.573.5

build package : Shimano GRX 600

Groupset : Shimano GRX 600, 1 x 11

Cockpit : Ritchey Comp, 1 x 11

Saddle : Fabric Scoop (Sport), 1 x 11

build package : Shimano GRX 800

Groupset : Shimano GRX 800

Cockpit : Ritchey WCS with Carbon Seat Post

Saddle : Fabric Scoop, Line, or Line S (Race)

build package : Shimano GRX di2

Groupset : Shimano GRX Di2

Cockpit : Ritchey WCS with Carbon Seat Post

Saddle : Fabric Scoop, Line, or Line S (Race)

Wheels and Tires

All wheel options come with your choice of Panaracer GravelKing tires. You can choose the smooth (SM) or knobby (SK) tread pattern in your choice of size (32 - 38c).

GravelKing SM has a fine file tread and provides the best traction on paved surfaces.

GravelKing SK has a fast rolling knobby tread and provides the best traction on dirt and gravel surfaces.

Please contact us after placing your order to select your preferred choice of gearing rations, saddle shape, and other build options.

Frame Colour : The Industry Standard

Graphics Colour : Anthracite

Frame Colour : Gunmetal Regulation

Graphics Colour : BLANK

Frame Colour : Anthracite

Graphics Colour : Kind Blue

Frame Colour : You Can Call Me AL

Graphics Colour : The Industry Standard

Frame Colour : Stay Golden Peony Boy

Graphics Colour : You Can Call Me AL

Frame Colour : Kind Blue

Graphics Colour : Bob Ross' Blank Canvas

Frame Colour : Ayal Loves Lilac

Graphics Colour : Bob Ross' Blank Canvas

Frame Colour : Cecil's Tawny Port

Graphics Colour : Wheat Kings & Pretty Things

Frame Colour : Oh Canada, Eh

Graphics Colour : You Can Call Me AL

Frame Colour : Adam's Senior Prom Tie

Graphics Colour : Bob Ross' Blank Canvas

Frame Colour : Gavin's Ginger Soul

Graphics Colour : Kind Blue

Frame Colour : Underdog Green

Graphics Colour : The Industry Standard

How we help select your size

We are available to help you select the correct frame size. While nothing beats an in-person sizing session, we have completed hundreds of virtual sizings over the years. We typically consider the following elements...

  • The bike model being sized.

  • Your overall height.

  • Your inseam length.

  • Your shoulder width.

  • Your age and weight.

  • Your flexibility level (can you touch your shins, ankles or toes with legs straight).

  • Your riding style (aggressive or relaxed).

  • Your typical ride duration in time.

  • Your typical ride length in distance. 

  • How frequently you ride per week or per month.

  • The terrain and road type you intend to ride.