4 things to check before going on a bike ride.

1) Check your cleats for wear.

A worn out cleat will give you issues staying connected to your bike. Watch this video to know what to look for and how to replace your cleats.


2) Make sure your tires have tread.

Look for wear, cuts, or budges on your tires and make sure they still have tread. A worn out tire is more susceptible to punctures. 


3) Inspect your chain.

It is recommended to replace your chain once a season or every 3,500km. A worn out chain can wear out your components, leading to more costly repairs in the future. Check for wear with a chain checker or bring your bike in and we can inspect the chain at no charge.

4) Make sure your headset is tight.

Riding around with a loose headset can damage your frame and is a safety hazard. If you're unsure what to look for, bring your bike in and we can help inspect your headset.


In a tune-up we will conduct a full bike inspection, check for brake pad and chain wear, condition of tires and bearings, do brake and shift adjustments, ensure alignment of the derailleur hanger, true wheels, pump up tires, and wipe down the bike.

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