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The KindHuman Cycling Scholarship

We’re flipping the script on how companies sponsor athletes. For too long, athletes were rewarded only for how fast they could go. It’s time to recognize people based on their achievements in life, first. We are inspired by true leaders – on the course and in their communities. We want to reward sportsmanship, humanity and a competitive spirit for the future of cycling through our KindHuman Cycling Scholarship.

KindHuman was founded on a commitment to create opportunity through cycling; in everything we do and every product that we make. That’s why we created the KindHuman Cycling Scholarship to directly support youth cycling. This scholarship gives reason to our purpose as a company. We created KindHuman to give back to the sport that we love and with the help of the global cycling community – we can do just that.

For 2014, we are sponsoring two incredible young athletes who want to change the world through the bike. Keishawn Blackstone of Los Angeles, was overweight and unhealthy one year ago. Since he discovered cycling, he has lost 150lbs, is healthier than ever and wants to prove to teenagers across the world that being healthy can be as easy as riding a bike! Kat Mayer is an accomplished young triathlete whose goal, through the scholarship, is to start a global youth-to-youth program that promotes sports and healthy lifestyles to other young people in an effort to create a better and healthier world.

The possibilities are endless with the KindHuman Cycling Scholarship and anyone can contribute to scholarship recipients simply by wearing or riding KindHuman products. Together, we can pave the way for young athletes.

Meet Keishawn

We recently made a trip out to Los Angeles, CA to visit one of our 2014 KindHuman Cycling Scholarship recipients. Along with the help of our friends at Bike Effect in Santa Monica, we were able to deliver a brand new KindHuman Kampionne complete bicycle and loads of other KindHuman goodies to Keishawn Blackstone. Keishawn recently went through a big transformation. Before he discovered the bike, he was a self proclaimed “big kid.” Today, he is a healthy and active young cyclist who is showing the world that if he can lose the weight – they can too.

When we had asked our friends at Bike Effect to help us with the delivery, we had no idea that Steven Carre, co-owner and fit specialist, was going to offer Keishawn the pro treatment with a free fit session. For those that don’t know, Steven is a master fit technician who has studied virtually every style of bike fit theory and combines them with a state of the art fit studio that rivals and surpasses most Olympic training facilities. It was a great day with Keishawn and Bike Effect.

To learn more about Bike Effect, visit them over at :