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It's a Bike Review by Eli Curt
It’s a bike, right? It’s some carbon wrapped into different kamm-tail shapes and then covered in paint. It’s a couple of triangles molded together with a fork in the front that, in short, acts as a placeholder for some wheels and a bunch of parts. So it’s a bike. Right?
It definitely rides like a bike. When you mash on the pedals, it goes. When you lean hard, it corners. When you stand to climb, it rocks. Yet somehow, mixed up somewhere in the madness that is life, you forget it’s a bike and you need to go back to the beginning and remind yourself: it’s a bike, right?
Because in the middle of your race, you don’t notice you’re on a bike. You notice nothing besides for the 1” of rubber hovering less than a foot from your face as you try your damndest not to let it slip away. As the field fades from behind and you follow that vicious attack, your legs scream at you to stay on top of the pedals - don’t you dare let up! You make the break and you stick it to the end. You even wrestle your bars violently and sprint for the win! Afterwards you think back and question how you got there. In the midst of the fury that is The American Crit, it’s a bike.
Because when you set out to traverse the entirety of the state of NJ you may ride through some undesirable thorns on some light walking trails you accidentally routed through. You may then proceed to find an 8km stretch of road with a tailwind after, lean into it and you give it your all. What’s “real-world aero”? Real-world aero is motoring along at 40kph with a slight tailwind at your back, crusty salt creeping up your legs and the high-noon sun blazing overhead. It’s easy to forget you’re on a bike, trust me. Is this euphoric sensation Valhalla or something else? It is, after all, a bike, right?
Because commuting in NYC is both incredible and terrible at the same time. The vast underground-network of subway trains make getting from JFK airport to the Bronx a cinch, if you’ve got the time. But standing shoulder to shoulder with a hundred other sweaty New Yorkers is an experience I wouldn’t wish on my fastest rival. If you leave home early enough, you can span the Bergen County mountain-range in NJ, cross the GWB and sail along the Westside Highway bike path without so much as breaking a sweat. You arrive at work 30km later, ready to seize the day and you look down. In that moment, you know: it’s a bike. (Posted on 10/19/17)
*really* checks all the boxes Review by Zak
The build was a snap. The finish work is amazing. The handling is excellent. I've been lucky to ride some pretty great road bikes over the years, between De Rosa, Basso, Cannondale, Look, Stevens. This bike really takes the cake. I appreciate the effort you guys put into your craft. It shows.
Nothing compares 2 u. (Posted on 8/25/17)
Corners on rails Review by Josh
This is my second Kampionne. I had the first model and loved it. When it came time to purchase new bikes for our team, we all agreed to go with the best. I was surprised to find the best had gotten even better. This bike eats up fast turns. You can glide through turns at speed and have the confidence in the handling of the bike to not second guess the line. The aero components also come into play when doing long ride at the coast or flats. The bike never feels like its being pushed around as bad as others on the market. It also didnt trade comfort for the other features. (Posted on 8/10/17)
Love my Kampionne Review by Dan
My Kampionne looks terrific - yes, that is important. It fits me perfectly - this is also very important. It's comfortable on long rides and short hard races. I've raced my Kampionne many times and it's handling is super - I have total confidence diving into corners in tight crits. I recommend this for those looking for a versatile road bike. And Gavin and Ayal are great to deal with - they take great care of you and your bike. (Posted on 7/31/17)
Comfortable & Predictable Review by Colin
I have ridden this bike for a couple of months now and am so happy with every aspect of the bike. The first thing that you notice is that it is stiff enough to transfer all of the power from the pedals without any flex, but over rough road the frame really excels and shows how comfortable it can be while being stiff. Turning at a high speed is also great, its very predictable you know exactly where it is going to go and holds the line perfectly. The last thing that I notice is how aero the frame is, the wider fork and air foil tubing really helps this bike hold a high speed with a smaller effort than my last bike. I am so happy that I am riding this bike now (Posted on 7/20/17)
Love How This Bike Handles! Review by Dillon Fowler
I have ridden so many frames over the last 5 years of racing I have lost count, the Kampionne is truly one to remember. During crits handling is everything and that is one thing the Kampionne performs well at. If you want a bike that can rail a corner at 35 mph and know it can hold a line, then the Kampionne is for you. I have been super impressed from the day I opened the box and I continue to look forward to everyday I get to ride this beast. It's going to be a dream to ride this bike where it all began, in the back country of Toronto. Many large bicycle companies don't take the time to appreciate the athletes that ride their bike but KindHuman goes above a beyond. (Posted on 7/18/17)
Most versitle Road bike ever Review by Phil
I have had my Kampionne for a little over a year now and just ticked over 14,000 miles. This bike literally does it all. My favorite terrain is anything that goes uphill and for me this bike does that perfectly. Every pedal stroke seems to drive the bike forward on any grade. The feel and power transfer feel to me feel much better than any other bike I have owned including some very price large brand options. One you have reached the top the bike is just as good descending back down. The cornering feel is perfect and I have gained a lot of descending confidence that I used to lack because of the responsiveness and feel of the bike. I also have ridden the bike in long breakaways and in crits and it transitions to every area perfectly. I even take the bike on gravel roads pretty regularly and it performs just as well there.
The other thing that I really like about the Kampionne is that I was able to get the exact right fit from this bike. I have struggled in the past to find a bike that had the adjustability I was looking for. Well I have ended my search. I just wish I would have found this bike sooner!!

And lastly this has to be the best looking bike ever!! I get complimented on just the aesthetics of the bike all the time. And I think it is probably the sexiest road bike available anywhere. (Posted on 7/18/17)

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