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For some riders, it's not about how fast they can go. It's about how far they can go. In an age where professional riders use purpose driven products for the cobbled spring classics like Paris-Roubaix and gran fondo attendance is at an all time high, we are officially living in the age of the "endurance bike." Our Koursa is designed to maximize efficiency, retain stiffness and minimize weight for speed and climbing but in a more relaxed and upright geometry - for uncompromised comfort. Call it an endurance bike, call it ergo-road, call it a classics bike - it doesn't matter how you categorize it - the Koursa was designed to take you farther.



For some riders, it's not about how fast they can go. It's about how far they can go. In an age where professional riders use purpose driven products for the cobbled spring classics like Paris-Roubaix and gran fondo attendance is at an all time high, we are officially living in the age of the "endurance bike." Bikes that maximize efficiency, retain stiffness and minimize weight for speed and climbing but in a more relaxed and upright geometry for uncompromised comfort - and our Koursa delivers. When we set out to design this mile conquering machine, the bike had to be smooth, fast and light. No simple feat! The Koursa begins with incredibly high modulus, unidirectional, Toray T700 carbon fiber which we have optimized for increased compliance in a number of ways. The Koursa is built in a two-piece monocoque design. The MonoArc leaf spring design features an elongated and flattened top-tube and seat-stay that are built in one-piece and precision tuned for compliance. Our MonoArc design is supported by the bowed and flattened down-tube, over-sized head-tube and bottom-bracket for an impressive combination of power transfer and vibration dampening properties for high output performance and unrivaled ride quality. The Koursa is designed with a sportif inspired geometry. Its taller head-tube height allows for a more relaxed fit but unlike other "endurance" bikes on the market, it retains a lower center of gravity, a tight wheelbase and similar steering angles to its race-born older brother. The result - impeccable handling and compliance. Call it an endurance bike, call it ergo-road, call it a classics bike - it doesn't matter how you categorize it. The Koursa was designed to take you farther.

The Koursa is the bike of choice for riders who count miles over watts.



• Unidirectional, Toray 700 high modulus carbon fiber; two-piece monocoque assembly
• MonoArc leaf spring design offers premium ride quality
• Sportif inspired, relaxed geometry
• Tapered head tube features 1.25” bottom bearing for handling precision
• Internally routed for Di2, EPS or mechanical shift and brake cables
• Fits most brands 28c tires
• Press-Fit BB30 bottom bracket
• 970-grams

At KindHuman Bicycles we allow every customer the ability to custom build their dream bike. That means selecting the components and fit that work for you, your body and your wallet. The result is a final finished product that’s right for you to ride, every time. Begin by selecting either a frameset or complete bicycle, your size and color before completely customizing your ride! We offer Complimentary Fit & Build Consultations for all customers. If you would like help with fit or selecting the right options for you - call us at 1.855.922.5463 or email us at by clicking the button below.

Fit & Build Link

Begin your Custom Built Bicycle journey by selecting either a frameset or complete bicycle. You will then unlock handpicked options from manufacturers like Shimano, SRAM, Ritchey Logic and Mavic among others to build your dream bike.


Fit is key for performance and comfort. Please refer to our Geometry Chart below for sizing information. If you have any questions regarding the perfect size frame for you, do not hesitate to contact us and our team of professional fitters will be happy to set up a Complimentary Fit & Build Consultation with you.


Build your Koursa with the groupset of your choice. From electronic shifting, to mechanical, 10- and 11-speeds, we offer the best selection of groupsets from Shimano and SRAM. With KindHuman Bicycles you'll always get full-system spec meaning we don't swap out parts with lower cost options to meet price points or to inflate our margin. If you order a bike with Shimano Ultegra each and every part of your gruppo will be built with Shimano Ultegra, period. Our full-system spec approach equates to better quality and better value for riders like you.


This is where you truly make your Custom Built bike - your own. Traditionally, when you purchase a bike off the showroom floor, the bike is built to cater to the average rider. At KindHuman Bicycles, we know there is no such thing!


The chainring size you choose can be dependent on the region that you live and the style of riding and rider that you are. Chainring size can greatly affect the overall feel and ride quality of your bike - another reason why we let our riders choose theirs!


While there are many cassette rations available on the market today, we like to keep things simple for our customers. We’ve done our research and when it comes to cassette rations, we know what our customers want and need. That’s why we offer three of the most often purchased and used cassette ratios by real riders - just like you.


While other companies stock cheaper “proprietary” components, we offer a choice of the best quality, best performing products from Ritchey Logic. When you Custom Build your KindHuman Bicycle, you will have no added costs for replacement parts or upgrades. You get the right components that fit your body, your performance needs and your budget - right from the start.


Your handlebar shape plays a huge role in how you control your bike, how it handles, steers and your overall fit. We offer three great handlebar shapes from Ritchey Logic!


Handlebar width plays a huge role in comfort and handling. While other companies stock their bikes to meet the needs of the “average” rider, we know that our riders come in all different shapes and sizes. You’re anything but average and you deserve to be treated as such! When selecting your handlebar width, it’s a good idea to understand your AC joint measurement. Your AC joint is the area on your shoulder where your collarbone (clavicle) and acromion (shoulder blade) meet. If you measure across the raised, bony protrusions on the front of your shoulder - you have a good idea of your AC joint measurement. Add 2cm to this number and that should give you a good idea what your handlebar width should be.


Stem length is key to how your bike fits and steers. We do our best to fit our riders on a frame that will keep them on a 110cm stem or higher but we realize that is not always possible. When in doubt, we recommend starting with a 110cm stem as it is a good, neutral starting position.


Finding a saddle can be a difficult task but we allow you to choose the saddle that’s right for you - right from the start instead of using a sub-optimal stock option or paying more to replace yours after your purchase. We offer three distinct saddle shapes from Ritchey Logic designed by Tom Ritchey himself, a historic name in cycling who has been creating comfortable, performance saddles since 1994!


We offer two options for handlebar tape. Our base option is Shimano’s Pro brand Digital Carbon which is a standard foam option similar to most cork tapes but it utilizes a comfortable, textured anti-slip pattern that our customers love. For those riders looking for a little extra padding, the Lizard Skins DSP 2.5 is a solid option. It featured a tacky, shock absorbing material for extra comfort and control. The Lizard Skins DSP is also the lightest bar tape on the market at only 56grams including bar end plugs.


It’s often said that upgrading your wheels is the first and best upgrade you can make to your bike. At KindHuman Bicycles, we feel like you shouldn’t be forced to comply with sub-par wheels only to pay for an upgrade a couple months later! Our base model wheels are superior to most brands stock options which is a powerful value added proposition. From there, we offer a range of wheel options to suit your performance demands and budgetary needs from Mavic, one of cycling’s most historic wheel manufacturers.


Tires play a huge role in your bikes overall ride feel and quality. That's why we equip our bikes with tires from tops brands like Mavic and Continental.


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Tech Story



The Koursa is built in a two-piece monocoque process. The top half is what we like to call the MonoArc Leaf Spring design. Or, MonoArc for short. Borrowing from suspension and architectural principles, this portion of the frame features an elongated and flattened top-tube and seat-stay. They are assembled in one-piece and precision tuned for compliance using a blend of Toray T700 and T500 high and mid-modulus carbon fiber.

A leaf spring cannot function without a solid bracing element, that's why the MonoArc is supported by the lower portion of the frame. This half is also built using a one-piece monocoque process with full Toray T700 unidirectional carbon fiber. Featuring a bowed and flattened down-tube for torsional stiffness and 1.25" tapered head-tube for rigidity. These pieces are then mated to the stiffness-tuned chainstays and PressFit 30 oversized bottom-bracket. The end result is a ride that is as smooth as it is fast!


When we set out to design a Sportif Road model, we didn’t want to give up performance handling in exchange for all day comfort. We felt like our riders deserve both! Our Koursa is designed around a taller, more upright and comfortable riding position but retains its racey steering angles and tighter wheelbase. Other “endurance” bikes on the market are designed with slackened steering angles and wide wheelbases. Those “other” bikes overcompensate and the end result are bikes that are sluggish to get up to speed and around the corners. The Koursa’s race-oriented sportif geometry and MonoArc are designed to keep you comfortable mile after mile without giving up any of its get up and go!


Our Koursa frame's prime ingredient is the venerable Toray T700 high-modulus carbon fiber. It features high tensile strength that allows for lower weights for an overall well balanced material. It is often said that T700 is the highest grade of carbon fiber that could be used as the sole material in a complete frameset design due to its light weight, strength and durability. We also utilize Toray T500, a mid-modulus carbon fiber known for its balanced composite properties, high quality, consistency and reliability. It can be found in the layup schedule along with the T700 on the MonoArc design of our Koursa model. We’ve used its natural dampening properties to give the Koursa its mile-conquering smoothness.


Additional Information

Frame Material Torayca T700 Carbon Fiber
Headset Integrated 1-1/8" to 1-1/4"
Bottom Bracket PF30
Seatpost Size 27.2mm
Front Derailleur Braze-On
Fender Mounts No
Rack Mounts No
Frame Weight 970-grams


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