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your champion, our kampionne

Great champions are rarely one note. They must out climb, overpower and outwit their rivals. We didn’t set out to design the lightest, the stiffest or the most aerodynamic bike. Versatility was our muse in an effort to create a harmony of weight, speed and feel. A bike worthy for all champions but created for you. We’re proud to debut the Kampionne.

• Unidirectional, Toray 700 high modulus carbon fiber; monocoque assembly
• Modified aero tube shapes and asymetrical rear design mate for efficient power transfer and ride quality
• Integrated top and head tube design yields a clean, aerodynamic look but also a wide fitting range
• Tapered head tube features 1.5” bottom bearing for handling precision
• Internally routed for EPS, Di2 or mechanical shift cables and brakes
• Race-oriented and time-proven geometry
• BB86 bottom bracket
• 950-grams

Once your order has been submitted we will contact you to discuss your build details including crankset specs, cassette range, handlebar width, stem length, saddle selection and any other assembly preferences. Likewise, if you have any questions regarding your KindHuman build, please call us at 1.855.922.KIND or email us at


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PRICE US $ 1,995.00
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