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About Us

Our Mission

We make beautiful products that perform. That do a little bit more thanks to the people who ride them. Because proceeds from all KindHuman products are used to get more people riding and help other cyclists on their journey. We make bicycles for the human race.

Our Story

KindHuman was founded by Adam Abramowicz and Gavin Brauer. The two come from uniquely differing backgrounds but are united by one commonality: the bike. Friendship brought the cycling industry designer and experienced businessman together and upon realizing their shared love for the sport, they have decided to share this passion with the world. KindHuman is not just a bike company for Gavin and Adam, it is a vehicle for them to bring more people to the sport. To empower cyclists everywhere to give back to the sport that they love and help grow cycling in their communities. Together, we are committed to making cycling more accessible to all people and they are committed to growing the sport and sustaining it – from the ground up.

“We are going to make beautiful products that perform, that people want to ride, and we are going to use our proceeds to get more people riding them.” -Adam & Gavin

Product Philosphy

KindHuman takes a simple approach to product design and development. We start with only the best quality materials and production methods blending time tested ideas with a clean, modern aesthetic. Our no-nonsense approach to product design puts an emphasis on what our customers want and need in their bicycle and their bicycle products. We are passionate riders and that passion takes form in our products. In the way that we design them, in the way that we sell them and the prices we sell them at. We understand that cycling can be a very expensive sport. Prices of high-end bicycles and products have dramatically increased in the past decade. At KindHuman, we take a responsible approach to the way we price our products. We like to say our products “punch above their price point.” Every product is created with this in mind - from our cycling apparel that is produced in the world’s greatest and most historic Italian factory, to our line of handmade in America steel bikes, and onward with our high-modulus and ultra high-modulus Toray and Mitsubishi Rayon carbon fiber bicycles. We only ever sell one model of our framesets and it is always the most high-end model we offer. There are no "Sport" or "Comp" variations using lesser materials. With all KindHuman bicycles, it always begins with the same high-end, high-quality, high-performing chassis. We take a great deal of pride in offering full-system spec meaning you won't find off-brand or no-name components mixed in with our Shimano or Campagnolo builds. There are no substitutes. All builds are completed with a great selection of high-performance parts thanks to our easy to use a la carte build menu with components from Ritchey Logic and wheels from Reynolds Cycling. Better materials, better equipped, more affordable - that's the KindHuman product philosophy.

The Shed by KindHuman from KindHuman