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We have set out to change the bicycle business for the better. We offer better product quality, custom options chosen by you - the rider - all at a better value. Every bicycle is assembled to your specifications and delivered within days. We are committed to Do What’s Right For Riders. We are KindHuman Bicycles.

We never compromise on raw materials and only source the best materials for their given purpose. No confusing acronyms or proprietary mumbo-jumbo, we are proud to use the best the industry has to offer from our carbon suppliers like Toray and Mitsubishi-Rayon. You will never find lesser materials on our framesets to meet a price point or enhance our margins. No matter what parts you select, our complete bikes are always spec'd with the same high-end, high-quality and high-performance chassis.

Something nobody else in the industry can say.

Our frame is the platform that you custom build to make our bicycle yours. When it comes to buying and owning a performance bike we tailor it to you. That means selecting the components and fit that work for you, your body and your wallet - in 5-Simple Steps. The result is a final finished product that’s right for you to ride, every time. We don’t spec our bikes to compete at price points determined by the rest of the industry. We allow you to custom build your bike to suit your performance and budgetary needs. We only ever deliver full-system spec from industry leading manufacturers - and we never use downgraded components.

We never substitute when it comes to quality and value.

At the core of KindHuman Bicycles is a focus to make performance cycling more accessible to all riders. What we do everyday better than anyone else is build a great product at a price point that others refuse to even attempt. We build quality into our bicycles from start to finish and we put performance within your reach. Accessibility is about more than pricing alone. We give you more bike for your money and deliver value back to where it belongs...

...the bike and the rider.

“Can't say enough positive things about my experience with KindHuman. I was blown away by the care and attention to detail shown. They genuinely wanted to educate me about my purchase. First class service, first class ethos and first class products they sell. Bigger name cycle companies seem to cut corners, cut componentry and frame quality while seeking to bump up the bottom line. KindHuman are the opposite. Better still, they genuinely care about the sport of cycling.” -Gav McMahon

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